Metaverse & VR.

Moving and blending real and virtual experiences using technology like Augmented Reality or other.

The «metaverse» seems to be the latest buzzword in tech. In general terms, the metaverse can be viewed as a form of cyberspace. Like the internet, it’s a world - or reality, even - beyond our physical world on Earth.

Our support will be on:

  • Legal Advice
  • Identification of the correct technology
  • Definition of the contents to achieve the objectives set

Visit our dedicated Aura Immersive website.

Some potential application fields:

  • Customer Experience: by the Metaverse, companies will be able to offer a new and unique experiences to their customers
  • Business digital replication: Create a digital twin, exact replica of a physical object, without wasting physical space or materials
  • New advertising tool: The Metaverse is a great opportunity for companies to advertise their products in a new way
  • Remote work: By the Metaverse, employees have their own virtual workspace where they can attend meetings, work and take refresher courses

The difference is that the metaverse allows us to immerse a version of ourselves as avatars in its environment, usually through augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), which people are and will increasingly be able to access using tools like VR goggles.

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